Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Music Video


To start the project, we started with putting together our own inspirations from both the music and the short story that our animation is based on.

Composition and Mood

I also did some 3D experiments using textures on an old model. This was looking very unique and I like it alot.


Since we are looking at the concepts of confusion from the characters perspective I did a test in 3D using multiple web images of lamps. This is to convey his confusion of vision, where he can clearly understand what an object may be, but not fully grasp the details it withholds.

Initial storyboard and ideas conception.

I made a 3D version of the character.

We experimented with various different music, going for some that were slower or somewhat discordant but we found these were difficult to think up ideas and agree on an overall progression. In the end we settled on something more upbeat but still has some amount of discordance within.

Animatic - My Half
Music : Garden Party by Blarsa
The flashing dots in the top left are a visual aid so that I can keep my animation in time with the beats of the music.

Animation Edit : My half : 001

Joint edit: Myself and Lisa Yates

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