Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Art of BiRB

Art of BiRB
Sadly, this book is currently unfinished.

Lip Sync 012

Sadly because of the lack of budgeting my time I did not get around to fully fleshing out my animation before deadline. I am very disappointed by this. I did not take into account how long animating would take. On top of this I am devastated that I did not manage to render as it means the animation does not show off the displacement details BiRB has.

Lip Sync 011

BiRB Full Rigged
(give or take)

Its taken a while, much longer than expected to rig BiRB among doing other units. I guess I didn't take my other work into as much consideration as I should have when doing this project. Overall I have definitely learned a lot with rigging BiRB and hopefully improve again with my next character rigs. BiRB is fully rigged, minus a couple follow through aspects that I decided aren't immediately important such as his tail feathers and head comb. I am also aware the as the character design goes I have missed out his Wattles on his chin, I am not too worried about these as he still looks like a chicken without them.


I made sure to do renders throughout the process of rigging to test how the displacement affects my deformations.


Overall I think BiRB's rig is pretty solid and ready for animation.

Rig Feature Overview

BiRB Turntable Render

Full Time-lapse of BiRBs Creation

sorry about the lack of music, I know its a long video and I will release an update to this video in future.

After submissions I plan to release this rig to be available free to UoP students.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tail

Lisa Yates reached out to me for some help with how she may go about creating a tail rig for her mermaid character. I took the time to quickly create a rough ribbon rig to demonstrate how I would approach the task.

In the end Lisa imported the rig and used it for her project to save time. I generally enjoy helping others when it comes to Maya, if I know exactly how to help its generally pretty quick and if I don't well, I get to learn something new.