Saturday, 14 April 2018

Lip Sync 010

Lip Sync Progress

Progress on this project is currently feeling slow since I am getting through various technical tasks such as character rigging, retopology and generally setting up the character in look dev.

Having done the main body mechanic aspects of the character I intend to move onto facial rigging. Putting the tail feathers and comb rigging to one side as controls for those can be used later in production to layer in follow-through into the animation.

Important aspects to currently consider are:
  • BiRB - facial rig
  • Separating Pre-vis into shot by shot scenes and reference in the environment
  • Character Animation
  • Secondary Character - sculpting, rigging, animation
  • Setting up render passes - this will be for shadow catch and ID pass to key characters
  • Painting Background elements

    Breaking down what tasks are important really helps to make sure I don't get caught up in any aspects of the project that may be less important. I decided that I would approach painting my environments as all my camera shots are static. This is a much less time consuming approach to what I initially had in mind, which was to do sculpted detail on each of the assets seen in shot.

    Less important tasks right now:
    • BiRB secondary animation rig - Comb, Tail-feathers & Wattles
    • Paint Weights & Texture Improvements / Sculpting more detail

    Character Progress

    Cleaned up BiRBs diffuse texture and added some extra colour variation, also adjusted displacement, reducing visual artifacts.
    Rigged: Spine, Arms, Hands, Legs & Feet.


    Environment / Pre-Vis Progress

    Since I've been focusing on getting BiRB animation ready the pre-vis environment has gone unchanged. Once I had BiRB looking cleaner texture wise I decided it would be worth going through and getting the environment Arnold ready & do test renders of shots.


    Overall I think I am on track with my project if I stay focused on what is important to delivering a quality piece and deciding what to consider as bonus objectives once the core aspects are layed down.

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