Thursday, 26 April 2018


Acquisition of Clock
Because I went to my grandparents to look at their clock and spoke about getting a clock of my own to salvage parts out of to do some interesting mixed media pieces using the clock parts they managed to get me a nice little mantle-piece clock of my own. I really like this little clock and have been exploring around it and living with it in my room, its been a good reminder for the project and the research I am to be looking out for. Having this clock around means that I have started to get attuned to some of the smaller less noticeable details in the wear and tear of the frame, the dents, scratches, wood grain and brushed metal, looking at the different materials and how its made.

I took my clock into the studio to get some pictures and to sit and do various drawings of the clock looking closely at the details.

Sketches of clock

When in my room I experimented with lighting the clock using my colour changing lightbulb

What I would like to do next is to do a 3D scan of the clock and import this into Maya / Sketchfab

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