Thursday, 26 April 2018



So I may or may not have neglected this project for the past few months. I've got a lot of work to do to catch up. Given that I've had so much time away from this project I've been able to look upon my work that I've done so far and had a better idea to the direction I was going in and how I can objectively approach this from a new direction. With this, I looked through my various pieces of work and decided that my animation is leading towards abstraction. With this in mind, I also started to question what kind of situation my animation would be shown and questioning this lead me to the idea of showing my piece as a large format interactive piece such as to be part of an exhibition. Either utilizing virtual reality or a small with projections on the 3 forward walls to create immersion.

With this I started to put into perspective what I wanted to convey in the piece, I want to convey a sense of unease by highlighting both the expansiveness of time, how it is both unending and infinite juxtaposed with how finite the time we have is. I also looked into time as an important aspect of our society, whether it is on a primitive sun-cycle setting or the usual system of seconds, minutes, hours, days etc.

I've been surrounding myself with clocks to the point that I feel I have developed an obsession with how diverse each and every clock is, both in its function, location, aesthetics. This has lead me to be very exploration in my thoughts on contexts for clocks, where and when they might be used. Grandfather clocks, that stand in the hallway, chiming the hours as they pass to wall clocks, mantle-piece clocks. Alarm clocks, digital clocks, analogue clocks, clocks that are unconventional, watches. Time is everywhere, its almost unavoidable, even when we're isolated from knowing the time we use other landmarks such as the sun, stars, water, anything constant that can be measured gives a rough indication of time, sometimes I hear people make judgement of how much time has passed based on how many songs they went through in their playlist. One question of interest is what might happen if you remove all indication of time, nothing but your own body clock to keep track. I then remembered an episode in a series I watched called MindField a Youtube series that covers various psychological experiments. Episode 1 has a moment when the show host puts himself through 3 days of complete isolation from any mental stimuli. What is interesting in this episode to me is the moment when his perception of time leads him to believe he woke up at 9:00 when in actuality its 5:00 and later in the same day, goes to sleep and wakes up in the 'morning' when it is still only 4:50pm the same day.


For the most part I've been taking mental notes of different types of clocks and their uses and the various places I've seen them. I also started to think beyond clocks to other scheduled events, though may be based on standard time are also indications of time to those that may not be in the immediate vicinity of a clock. A main provider of this type of timekeeping would be similar to a clock-tower that chimes every hour with a chime at each hour, but more interestingly I thought to the times when I had been in Egypt, due to Egypt being a primarily Muslim culture there are a lot of mosques around, of which they have loud speakers attached to them and they broadcast prayers, almost like hymns known as an Azan.

While out and about I try to take pictures of any interesting clocks I see and  one store I went into had a lot of different clocks, including these animated clocks. I also took video of a desk fan clock I have and generally tried to take in as much clock information as I could whenever I saw clocks. I feel like I've gone a bit clock mad.

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