Saturday, 24 February 2018

Photogrammetry 001


This came about whilst I was visiting Lisa Yates and saw that she had an X-box Kinect, so I asked whether she knew it could be used for photogrammetry and she was unaware of what that was. So we decided we'd give it a try and explore into it. We first had to acquire and adapter to connect the Kinect to the PC, install Kinect SDK and various other drivers and a software to do the photogrammetry. We used ReconstructMe for this process, starting with various small tests to see how the software works leading into tests of doing bust scans.

Initial test scan of desk chair. Finding out distance from object for scanning and seeing how the system works. Found this was a good test for initial scan and export to see how export works.
Though unable to yet recover the colour information.

After testing we decided to start scanning each other. I first started by attempting to scan Lisa's face.

Still needing some tweaking and experimentation to figure out a method that works effectively.
Some experimentation later we started to get some cleaner scans. Here are the results.

Following these tests the next steps are looking at ways to retain colour information and perform effective mesh cleanup and retopology. Followed by an attempted to do a full body scan in T-pose for rigging, though an A-pose may be more ideal, it'd be easier to scan in a T-pose.

Overall these tests have been fun and will prove useful in some situations. Lisa intends to scan physically created models, such as with clay for use in maya as she is much more comfortable with her hands-on craftsmanship.

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