Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Lip Sync 003

Character Concepts

Using the silhouette I created I started to look into different silhouettes and thinking of various other designs around the one I had so far.

My plan will be to design the hammer separately once I've started to get more final on my design, but I am exploring some designs so that they would better fit the silhouettes.
I am currently seeing the character to be quite gritty and aggressive but in the 'for your own good' kind of way.
(Perhaps I could ask Vincent for reference)
Almost exploring the idea of a commander like character. With his soldier chickens that are, obviously not prepared, they are chickens after all.

Really thinking the de-saturated colours will work well in the storm setting, pulling away from the sense of fantasy and wonder and getting more serious with the events at hand. Which I am hoping will contrast well with the fact that he is talking to chickens that are essentially completely oblivious.
Definitely not feeling the Barbarian vibe on the right, but do want him to have some sort of armour or protection.
Next plan is to explore more character poses and find a sense of the character I am going for through posture and proportion. Finding good face proportions that conveys the right character is essential.

Through the development of the character I've been thinking about and considering how I will represent him in 3D. There will mainly be texture work and avoiding anything too realistic in regards to the feather physics. My thoughts are along the lines of the Sonic series where a lot of the fur detail is through broad strokes. Any fur or feather depicted in games will likely be a good place to look for ideas.

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