Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Lip Sync 001

Lip Sync

This project is to create a short piece of animation with as high production quality as possible with a focus on performance animation. Choosing from a range of Clips there were 2 that caught my attention. Clip 13 and Clip 15.

I was drawn into a couple other clips, but after writing notes and listening through, I decided to start doing exploration into ideas for both of these clips. I started with doing initial thoughts on clip 15, taking the voice as an artificial intelligence character that has been named by the user as Dude and is in the process of reorienting a disoriented person called lebowski.

I believe my instinct to go toward an AI is because of the contrast between the dialogue and the pronunciation, with the idea that the voice is default to the AI whilst the slang terminology was either programmed or inherited from experience. My initial ideas on this clip were fairly narrow and for a breakdown of the next clip I wanted to loosen up and explore a wider breadth of ideas.

My Initial reaction is the thought of an ant doomsayer-like character or that of a military man as his yell is rough and confident, almost like a commanding voice. I then tried to think of other insect creatures it may work for, such as a beetle. Taking the concept of the storm, I thought of Dinosaurs, with the idea of the storm being the meteors that wiped them out.

My approach to the first inspirations were done after listening to the clip, whilst the second pieces were done whilst listening to the clip on repeat, this really helped with trying to capture the mood of the voice better in my drawings, which I also initially tried to keep super loose, but toward the end felt a sense of exploration in colour and environment.
My plan is to explore ideas between these 2 clips, giving me the chance to stumble upon ideas for either clip and seeing where development goes. Hopefully changing between the two will give me a fresh mind and ideas from both potentially influencing each other. Once an idea begins to feel strong, i'll focus on a single clip.

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