Tuesday, 9 January 2018

SOVIS_006 Reflection Test

Reflection test with puddle and mask

Primary images taken / created by me

Mixing with web images experiment;

Image taken from the internet:

SOVIS_005 Sequence 1 Mixed Media

Dragon in Annecy

Loop Version

Animated the dragon in Animate CC shame I ran out of time and didn't have the chance to clean this piece up. Would have used 3D to help guide the shape of the dragon in a more believable manner.

Picture I took of the lake mountains in Annecy during the Annecy festival

SOVIS_004 Sequence 2 Hyper Real / Coherent Universe

Character Talking to Nothing / Himself

Alternate version with ghost

Original Image - Taken by me

Some colour manipulation and cropping

Layers of animation Shadow, Guy, Ghost.

SOVIS_003 Sequence 3 Hyperreal

Parallax of a cricket player

Original image sourced from the internet

layers cut out and background painted in

SOVIS_002 Using Z-space and parallaxing in AE

Parallax using provided images in class and a tentacle sourced from the internet

Layers from photoshop

Adjustments made to make the tentacle more interesting.

SOVIS_001 Using multiple images to mask

Motorway with cars edited out

Primary sources; Photos taken by myself


Video of how these images are layered together.