Monday, 27 November 2017


Project Overview

The brief is to do an adaptation of a Nursery Rhyme, with a focus on exploration, with that in mind, I have reason to believe the project can stray as far as it so pleases from the initial Rhyme with the Rhyme mainly initializing a point of research and discovery.

Beginning of this year I've found my motivation and willingness to learn and study distinctly lacking. I've spent time stressing over projects and wasted time that I've taken some time to step back away from University and re-contemplate my life in general and aspirations. Its taken me up until this week (25/11/17) roughly 9 weeks into the year, to remember what it was I aim to achieve.


I've chosen Hickery Dickery Dock as my rhyme to adapt, something about this rhyme just clicked when I saw it during research. Though I have fairly little interest in the Mouse currently, I've been looking into clocks and how they look, though the true point at which everything started to click together was when I got the chance to get footage of the inner workings of a grandfather clock, both inside and outside the clock frame itself.

Though I'd looked up images before, something about experiencing it first hand and using my own reference images that really helps me ground my designs. I've noticed a lot of small details, almost unimportant on a symbolic level of drawing the clock but essential to creating a design that is grand and believable. Details such as the window not being a perfect rectangle, the location at which the pendulum pivots from and understanding how the chimes work.

Generally I found the a physical clock has been significantly more beneficial than those googled and on top of all that I've got some great content regarding the wear and tear of the clock. With the new found knowledge and reference I can use that to know what details I am looking for when I am looking at internet reference.

Reference Images & Video

I've got a lot of Video and Images so here are a select few that I found particularly useful. What is nice about these references is that they are quite nostalgic to me as I've always been a fan of my Grandads grandfather clock.

Prior to getting reference images and footage my initial drawings of grandfather clocks had been very basic and somewhat lacking in design.


My initial exploration was through horror, not necessarily to horrify my audience but to convey a sense of relatable horror from the perspective of a mouse. A lot of low angle shots and use of sound as a mouse will have good hearing and be much more afraid of things that us as people would not be afraid of. Starting with some thumbnails to initialize some ideas. I wanted to try some high contrast concepts as I felt it would be great to convey minimalism and focus the senses specifically onto the sound and a clear visual as to what it happening in each scene. This transitioned into some other tests with more gray scale and a concept that almost mimics a clock graveyard. The graveyard idea definitely resonates some interesting ideas in my mind but I've yet to find a manner it which to express these ideas to explore them further. A relation to time and how it is simultaneously infinite and finite.

Here are some drawings based on some of the photos that I took of the clock. Capturing some of the smaller accent designs and overall shape. I also decided to do a close up study of some of the engraved wood and the numbers as I felt those were important to understand how I may design them my own way.



Taking what I had learned from my sketchbook studies and still referring back to my reference I used the new symmetry tool in photoshop, along side some minor asymmetry to create my own clock design. Utilizing some of the concepts for the engraved wood, which I noticed was almost a mirror of natural shapes such as leaves and flowers. The Symmetry definitely made this quite a satisfying experiment and I definitely look forward to using this tool to create initial concepts that I can later imprint into a more 3 dimensional rendered painting.