Friday, 19 May 2017

Painting Studies

Digital Painting

Been doing some digital paintings as relaxation, quite satisfying really, its like doodling except, with colours and its pretty. Did a couple different painting approaches here, one using a brush to explore shape and seeing what I see in the shapes, whilst the second being a refinement process. Using Gradient maps in different ways to get different effects, definitely great to get a feel for colour and also helps with building depth into shadow. Further enhanced by using contrast curves.

Kept things fairly low resolution as it forces me not to go into too much detail and I still have the ability to upscale later and work further.

Flipping the piece horizontally shows I still have a habit of creating my drawings in a skewed manner. Not a huge issue digitally as I can flip to check, but definitely something I want to try my best at training out of. Perhaps a grid may help.

Been doing some more of these to experiment with composition.

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