Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Narrative Final

Taking the project Solo

Due to my partners awful time management and lack of commitment to getting any work done I've have to take it upon myself to create the entire storyboard by myself, this isn't too bad, the main detriment being the colossal waste of time my partner has caused me with constant updates of "I'll be there soon" and still never turning up, which has partially affected some of my other units. Ranting aside, I've enjoyed working on the Narrative and to make up for a lack of partner I've been getting feedback from colleagues.



My planning takes some aspects from the previous scrapped ideas, such as the Love Tragedy. Experimenting with the abstract concepts works well on an illustrative level but becomes difficult when bringing in cinematography rules and creating interesting dynamics. This has been a good challenge.

Look Development

These are some illustrative concept pieces I created in Animate to get an idea of the aesthetic style and colours I may use, mainly to keep in mind during the animatic process. This also lead me to the concept of using little droplets to convey mood and add interest to the world.


Final Animation

This is the final animation, sadly I didn't manage to finish the entire story with any closure after the characters begin to interact with one-another.

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