Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Animation Principles 2 003

Double Bounce Walk

More Walks, glad to be doing more character animation, these are my favourite to work on because of the many intricacies of movement and potential for posing.

First tests, frames 1 to 33 cycled by moving the paper while shooting and using Dragonframes light-box function to align the feet.

Second cycle tests, fixing the head movement so that it turns fully to the other side and not just 45 degrees.

Final animation applying the tests to a walk across the page. With the arms full animated the lack of backward swing is heavily noticeable.

Further Digital Animation

After enjoying animating this walk I did some further tests using the cintiq's, these are great for doing rough experiments fast as I can view the animation immediately and rectify changes or mistakes easily.

Started by doing an exaggerated character walk with a double bounce.


Then tried a larger construction of a character, this time deciding to reduce the amount of bounce in his step to emphasise his weight. The double bounce in this is barely noticeable but does have an impact on the perception of the animation.

Because I liked how this animation looked I decided I would continue and inbetween this on 2s.

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