Friday, 19 May 2017

Painting Studies

Digital Painting

Been doing some digital paintings as relaxation, quite satisfying really, its like doodling except, with colours and its pretty. Did a couple different painting approaches here, one using a brush to explore shape and seeing what I see in the shapes, whilst the second being a refinement process. Using Gradient maps in different ways to get different effects, definitely great to get a feel for colour and also helps with building depth into shadow. Further enhanced by using contrast curves.

Kept things fairly low resolution as it forces me not to go into too much detail and I still have the ability to upscale later and work further.

Flipping the piece horizontally shows I still have a habit of creating my drawings in a skewed manner. Not a huge issue digitally as I can flip to check, but definitely something I want to try my best at training out of. Perhaps a grid may help.

Been doing some more of these to experiment with composition.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

MASH Experimentation


MASH is pretty fun to use so I've been doing various smaller tests to get used to how different elements work and attempting to apply them in a manner that is visually pleasing and generally improving my knowledge of how I can utilise MASH nodes.

Used music: Killing Spree 8-Bit Yoolip by Sonic Picnic to create this experiment.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Narrative Final

Taking the project Solo

Due to my partners awful time management and lack of commitment to getting any work done I've have to take it upon myself to create the entire storyboard by myself, this isn't too bad, the main detriment being the colossal waste of time my partner has caused me with constant updates of "I'll be there soon" and still never turning up, which has partially affected some of my other units. Ranting aside, I've enjoyed working on the Narrative and to make up for a lack of partner I've been getting feedback from colleagues.



My planning takes some aspects from the previous scrapped ideas, such as the Love Tragedy. Experimenting with the abstract concepts works well on an illustrative level but becomes difficult when bringing in cinematography rules and creating interesting dynamics. This has been a good challenge.

Look Development

These are some illustrative concept pieces I created in Animate to get an idea of the aesthetic style and colours I may use, mainly to keep in mind during the animatic process. This also lead me to the concept of using little droplets to convey mood and add interest to the world.


Final Animation

This is the final animation, sadly I didn't manage to finish the entire story with any closure after the characters begin to interact with one-another.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Animation Principles 2 008

Bee Animation

Use of perspective and relative spacing. First steps were developing a bee character in preparation for the animation.

Then creating a layout and doing a test of the movement.


Further tests for the bee itself doing side and front views and a small test of how I may rotate the bee in space with a primitive shape.

Started doing the bee and movement.

Did a test without the wings because changing the timing would affect the wing cycle. Added holds and drew up the new timing on to the frames that have been changed. Sadly I've yet to get around to finishing this animation with the wings.

Animation Principles 2 007

Bouncing Ball

Seems we're going backwards a little, another bouncing ball exercise.

Just a bit too much squash & stretch.

Perspective Walk

Now this I can get behind.
First test on 2s


Should have put more slow in and out on the arm swings.

Animation Principles 2 006

Perspective Bouncing Ball

Found this perspective much easier than dealing with a solid object as the ball has much fluidity but given the rigid frame count of 27 for each arc made the spacing quite difficult, notably I keeping smooth spacing at the peak of the bounce. I likely should have put more emphasis on each contact so that the frames wouldn't cluster too much over the top of the arc.

Used a off-center punched piece of paper to extend my work-space so that I was able to fit in the vanishing point of perspective, allowing me to better orient the other aspects of the animation and how high the ball is bouncing throughout the duration.

Animation Principles 2 005

Telephone Pole Perspective

Perspective exercise using a telephone pole. I did want to use 2 point perspective for the ruts on the pole but was advised against it. Though I understand the concepts of perspective I find it difficult to keep consistent volumes and lines when animating, with frames being so close together the precision in which the lines are to be drawn can become quite difficult, making the object appear to wobble.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Animation Principles 2 004

Run Cycle

This animation was fun to do, simple, few frames and satisfying to draw and watch.

First test on 2s, really liking the motion. Strobes a little, but I presumed this may have been solved with inbetweens.

Inbetweened on 1s.
Though the animation is now much smoother, the strobing appears much more prominently with the long legs. The animation on 2s gives the eye more time to register each frame thus looks more appealing to me personally. Using Youtubes functionality to view the animation on 1s at 0.75% speed makes the animation read much better, though the arms equal spacing is more noticeable and would need to be adjusted.

Animation Principles 2 003

Double Bounce Walk

More Walks, glad to be doing more character animation, these are my favourite to work on because of the many intricacies of movement and potential for posing.

First tests, frames 1 to 33 cycled by moving the paper while shooting and using Dragonframes light-box function to align the feet.

Second cycle tests, fixing the head movement so that it turns fully to the other side and not just 45 degrees.

Final animation applying the tests to a walk across the page. With the arms full animated the lack of backward swing is heavily noticeable.

Further Digital Animation

After enjoying animating this walk I did some further tests using the cintiq's, these are great for doing rough experiments fast as I can view the animation immediately and rectify changes or mistakes easily.

Started by doing an exaggerated character walk with a double bounce.


Then tried a larger construction of a character, this time deciding to reduce the amount of bounce in his step to emphasise his weight. The double bounce in this is barely noticeable but does have an impact on the perception of the animation.

Because I liked how this animation looked I decided I would continue and inbetween this on 2s.