Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Traditional Notes and Experiments

Notes and Music Choosing
Links to all music at the bottom

Listening through the different music candidates, doing short visual experiments and taking notes as to the emotion, texture I can feel in the music. Often I work fast as I capture a moment that I like, though I've been learning to limit myself to trying to capture small parts in a composition and not the entire soundtrack, otherwise it becomes a mess and even if done well wouldn't capture the intricacies of how the music develops, which is vital for animation.

Terminology regarding art, mood, emotion feels to be my most limiting factor and thus I've been trying to expand my terminology for this as time progresses. Being able to describe complex feelings, emotion and shapes through fewer words really helps, not only for myself to get a sense of what I am to create but also the application in team environments, or even clients.

Music Colour Reactions

Swapping music with Alfie Bolton and doing reactionary paintings.

Further traditional experimentation.

Music List
01. Nin10doh - Approaching Nirvana
02. Divinire - Ludovico Einaldi
05. Dog of Wisdom - The Living Tombstone
06. Razor Sharp - Pegboard Nerds & Tristram
08. Liquid Stacking - Brusspup
09. Straight to Video - Mindless Self Indulgence
10. Where is my Mind - Pixies
11. These Last Days - Approaching Nirvana

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