Monday, 3 April 2017


Doing storyboards in flash to get a feel for the progression of the story. Finding this step particularly difficult as there's so many options in regards to cinematography and progression.

Having to do some revisions to the concept as the part with the ice cream being scooped out of the tub may be difficult to do,

As much as I have been neglecting or disliking the story-boarding process, mostly due to being aware that there are almost infinite possibilities for each decision made, making it difficult to choose something to stick with. Always aware that for each decision made rules out all other possibilities. Except this is not the case as there is always room to go back and refine scenes, my first decisions don't need to be the best ones.

Upon jumping in and starting to create a 3D pre-vis I soon came to realise how much easier the process is using my storyboard as a reference for what scenes to do. There is much more sense for direction and progression and a clear understanding of how much work needs to be done. With this in mind I've felt more inspired to go back and refine and improve my storyboard.

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