Monday, 3 April 2017

Stood Up Concepts and Pre-Vis


Taking into account the design of the character I have been considering a festive theme to my animation with the initial idea being that she would be stood up by Santa. This came across as perhaps a little too dark. Considering other themes lead to an idea with a snowman, had some interesting thoughts. I wanted to focus less on dynamic cinematography so I could focus more on the performance animation and using my rig to its potential.

I always dislike this stage, the animation never looks good and it always feels like I've just half arsed the project. but its definitely a helpful phase to get a perspective of the full animation and all the movements involved. Keeping my first pass VERY rough so that I at least have something to show.

Got a friend to give me his opinion on the current state of the animation, with the main mention being a need for some more camera angles. Which after re-watching I definitely agree with, even though my intention was to cut down on camera to focus on performance, I am able to keep the same performance and just view from different angles.

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