Saturday, 8 April 2017

Research & Inspiration

Animusic is an audio visual animation studio that creates 3D interpretations of audio with the use of MIDI. The MIDI data reduces each aspect of the music to its own individual instrument, a file normally used for creating audio, because of this its possible to isolate the different instruments, pitches and other data that can be used to process the 3D imagery, essentially timing the entire animation leaving more time to focus on creating environments and instrument/characters.
Though due to the nature of creating 3D instruments their body of work is mainly literal interpretations of music but some do take into account colour and shape to emphasis the instruments themselves, especially when it comes to synthesised audio with no inherent instrument tied to them.

Animusic 2 - Resonant Chamber

Animusic have currently 2 DVD's   and there's currently a 3rd in the making, though taking a while. (eagerly anticipating). I've had an interest in Animusic for years and I've yet to find find any information for the kinds of software they use. they've recently developed new software to create these animations but it all appears to be in-house.

What is definitely intriguing is looking back at where the founder of Animusic, Wayne Lytle started out. Though I was aware of this animation, looking back on it with more experience I'm definitely more aware.

More Bells & Whistles by Wayne Lytle

Recently discovered, Beeple creates both machines and abstraction with the use of 3D software. What drew me into Beeples work was ZERO - DAY a synchronised music animation with machines. What makes this interesting is the overlap of news reports regarding computer hacking and virtual wars. Similar topics are addressed in another of Beeples animations, Transparent Machines.

ZERO-DAY from beeple on Vimeo.

Beeples Vimeo is filled with a whole bunch of different 3D abstract proof of concept type animations. Dating back 8 years. Though what drew my attention was IV. 10 an animation 4 years prior to ZERO-DAY but shares similarities. Really getting the feel for where people started.

IV.10 from beeple on Vimeo.

Andrew Bepler
Bepler is pretty interesting in his methods and the type of content he creates. His animations aren't necessarily coincided with sound but there's elements in some of his 2D visual effects that I find satisfying to watch. There's no inherently great examples as they're dotted about a lot of content. He also does flash tutorials, not the most concise but good if you do understand what hes talking about.

Brendan Deboy
This is pretty fun, Brendan does animations based on different recordings of his children. Pretty cute, I like this one as it has some elements of audio and music.

Gnoms - Episode 1: Red by Brendan Deboy

Music combined with Animation, or any other kind of visuals is intriguing, the different moods and styles to be explored is limitless. Though audio can drastically change the mood of an animation its also worth noting that visuals can also drastically change the perception of audio. There has been a number of song that I wouldn't otherwise like, just because I've enjoyed watching a music video that I liked, almost settling the song into a mood / scenario that I'd not have thought of otherwise. Though the project is abstract interpretation of music, this is merely a starting point for creating other types of musical animation. The mastery of mood through abstraction gives the ability to apply abstract concepts to that of literal ones. One can build characters with shapes, being able to chose the best shapes, gives the best characters. Lets not get too deep into shape language here though.

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