Monday, 3 April 2017

Narrative Old Concepts

Scrapped Concepts

First concept was a character living a monotonous boring job, who enjoys spending time with his kids each evening under tight circumstances such as living expenses and low income. He takes up a job to ear more money but in result, becomes unhappy due to longer hours. Creating a detachment with his children as they age, even though what hes doing gives them a better life.


Love Tradgedy
This was a development on the story using a similar character. He comes across a girl in the park he eats his lunch. Every day is a usual routine that he takes, with the girl always opposite. He finally musters the courage to go over and talk to her, going out of his way to also get flowers. Turns out, shes dead.

This idea got a little out of hand, building a whole plethora of different characters, an organisation and society and how they're all interconnected and that there's illegal planetary exploration going on with the use of people who have almost no connections in society. The main character is someone who again, has a monotonous job and is then later sold out to the planetary exploration company as a disposable person who wont be missed as he has no connections besides his dead wife. Launched to another planet, left alone to survive as an experiment to see if life could exist on the planet. He comes across his dead wife, turns out she'd been taken to the other planet, hence why she was never found. They build a rebellion against the company and strive to tell the world the truth about how they're able to find inhabitable planets.
Yeah, a little bit too complicated for a short film perhaps. though I did create some short storyboards that I accidentally broke the 180 degree rule in.


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