Thursday, 27 April 2017

False Alarm

Wrong Deadline Date

So it would seem I was wrong with my deadline, giving me an extra whole day to complete some of my animation. Still not finished in regards to rendered but I want to focus on my animation and posing skills as rendering is something I am quite comfortable with.

The story has developed introducing one of the other characters, Blue Icecream is attempting to go to Pink, but gets perhaps a little too cocky.

It has been a long day. Can't seem to get transparency rendering in Maya Hardware 2.0 and I don't currently have the time to do any Arnold rendering, even if I did, I'd also have to spend the time taking the scene lighting, materials and textures into account, none of which are finished, sadly.

Though this has been a terrible turn of events in regards to the productivity across the project being lackluster I am genuinely surprised at the speed I have been able to create this animation, still very rough and definitely wish I had done this sooner to have time for polish.

Welp, hopefully for the next project to come I don't make the same mistakes.

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