Sunday, 2 April 2017

Concept Development

Ghost Concept

Taking the idea of a ghost character further I began to create some storyboards and develop a story. This wasn't quite going as well as I had hoped and thus began to push through with some other ideas and sketches to see where they lead.

Girl, Robots & Icecream

Really just throwing together different concept sketches as starting points, some being environments, characters or even some particular compositions and the meaning they may convey or the story that could be used to represent.


Once had a number of different ideas to look back on I started going through and questioning what I could do with each of the concepts and looking further into some of them considering how I would go about creating them.

The musical legs concept resonates with my musical side tying into my inspirations from Animusic, however, I'm unaware of how I would integrate the systems into Maya and thus seemed like something I'd rather approach with further understanding of particles or perhaps other software such as Houdini.

The robot concept wasn't quite inspiring me to create any interesting stories. Which is a shame as I was looking forward to trying some different rigging processes to create robotic functions of joints.

Of course one note I had made was the thought of doing an Escher styled animation. Being a known artist I took a look into how other people have been inspired by Escher for their animation and their methods of execution. Most notable is Monument Valley an Escher inspired game that uses an Orthographic Isometric camera to create perspective illusion.

Relativity by M.C. Escher

Finally I settled on the concept with the Ice Cream as it was inspiring a lot of different ideas and concepts that could potentially be used. Furthering some of my sketches of Ice Creams to create a character that had some dynamic expression and movement. Which in hindsight I've almost developed the character in a manner that applies more to 2D animation over 3D. Not necessarily a huge problem, just worth noting to take more consideration to the context in which the character will be created and perceived.


Goals that were clear in designs. Simple limbs, almost like stick figures in 3D, agile for freedom of movement but enough limitation to find creative ways of animating. The initial concepts were quite deep, developing a society in which the characters lived in, this had too many characters and seemed quite ambitious, thus starting to look at simple story concepts to instead focus more on animation production. Looking at adding some action to create room for different styles of animation and camera.


Mood Board

Looking at "low poly" designs as they're visually interesting but also provide a challenge with minimal shapes. The style also lends itself well to bright colours and simple shapes, almost like toys. Which works well for keeping the characters fun.

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