Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Animation Tests & Render Tests

Render / Look Dev

To get a feel for how well the characters would render I did some different tests also trying to convey the different characters that the Ice-creams would convey.

Environment simple render for time test.

Next thing to tackle was how might I apply a face to these characters. Taking Pixlpit texture animation as inspiration. What was difficult is finding a way to generate an alpha channel as arnold doesn't support using PNG alpha. I tried connecting the PNG alpha into the alpha map in the connection editor but this didn't work. I also experimented with different methods in flash such as the mask system, which worked but caused some minor issues with the nested symbols. Finally I had the idea to use a tint on the symbol in flash with 2 instances making it completely white allowing me to generate 2 image sequences, an alpha pass and a colour pass.
I quite liked the effect with the shadow of the face being cast on his body. Also felt there was a lot of freedom for expression for as long as I can imagine and draw.

The usual walking test, really gives a good feel for working with my own rigs. Though this one in particular didn't quite feel that good to work with, especially with some of the limitations in poses and the way the limbs protrude from the body.

Following on from this I wanted to create a walk to get a feel for the other characters, making this one more feminine and elegant.

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