Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Visual Journey 005 Creature Feature

Song Choice

Wanted to find a song I both enjoyed and also had some interesting sounds to create visuals too. I listened through a number of my different playlists to find songs that I liked the sound of. Some songs sounded great and worked well, but depending on my mood, sometimes I just didn't quite feel the sounds in the song. Leading to mostly a visual representation of my frustration with the music at these times.

One evening it clicked and I remembered an album by The Blue Man group that I hadn't listen to in a while that I knew had some interesting music. This lead me to choose Creature Feature as my song for the project.

What is nice about their music is that it often comes across as experimental. Meaning there's a lot to work with in regards to sounds and shapes.

Listening to the music I started looking for shapes and colours and experimented with different brushes in Photoshop.

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