Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Visual Journey 004

Environment Studies

Moving onto environments is exciting. Interpretation of environments has a whole plethora of different ranges through composition, colour, lens focal length, perspective, time of day, temperature etc. Though what makes this particularly interesting is that I am able to change each of these aspects to create different interpretations of the same environment.

This has given me the opportunity to experiment further with my photography. Though my only camera is my phone, I believe this does a pretty good job with a few tweaks to the settings.

(image provided by Lisa Yates)



Not necessarily the best likeness to the environment I'm really starting to enjoy creating my own interpretations. Creating intuitively and experimentally and enjoying the results as a personal representation of the scene.
These pictures were taken on a cold evening. looking back on the images I notice that I could perhaps have better captured the feel of the scene with the use of further de-saturated colours with further cold tones.

Due to forgetting my sketchbook on this day I had to purchase a new one and feeling lost without my colour references I quickly created some new ones in a manner different from prior that would also compliment my other reference pallets.

Using the same compositions I started to create different moods, similar to that of the taste experiments. Definitely good fun to do these and great for improving my painting and photography skills. I've got plenty of new photographs that I absolutely adore that I am definitely excited to do more paintings of. Though have yet to decide whether I will do these digitally or traditionally as both offer different skills and experiences. Perhaps booth.

Sadly these 2 pieces I had forgotten to paint my colours into a little pallet making it difficult to review in post. I really enjoy using strong reds and yellows in the left image. Something I have taken into consideration when creating some of my concept colour keys.


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