Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Visual Journey 003

Depicting Taste through Colour

Now this has been a bit of a turning point for my painting. Still somewhat struggling with controlling the medium, however, my experience with colour and mixing colours has improved. These tasks really feel challenging to complete and once started I can't help but enjoy contemplating what colours I may want to use to create taste.


Sweet, Spicy and Other. Though I've noted the bottom left piece as no taste, this is mostly a declaration of intent rather than what is present in the painting. I really enjoy the colours in my sweet painting. I find that often times with colour I mix what feels intuitive and hope for the best. I didn't necessarily have the colours in mind rather I create the composition, analyse what I like and dislike and take mental notes. This has opened me to trusting my instinct with paint.

Still Life accuracy attempt

Starting to get the hang of painting, enjoying my own work. Doing some further life studies trying to match colours.

Original Composition:

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