Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Visual Journey 002

Painting Still Life and Creating Mood with Colour

Mood through Colour

Being hesitant on the paint I found trying this quite difficult. I've been trying to be bold and also messy, careless with my approach. This has helped me discover new ways to use the medium and also let me try things that I was perhaps otherwise too hesitant with.


This wasn't such a bad exercise but I still find myself frustrated with the medium. both from a colour standpoint, mixing the colours opposed to selecting them made it difficult to get what I wanted. Even once I get a colour I am happy with I struggled to apply the paint in a manner I was happy with.

This piece is perhaps questionable. I was struggling to get myself to paint still life, still dreading the thought of paint. I decided I would integrate painting into one of my daily challenges. I had been drawing this character every day for my Instagram and challenged myself to do one with paint. This made it much easier to motivate my painting though not necessarily the best exercise for studying.

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