Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Visual Journey 001

Introduction to Acrylic Paints

First time getting stuck in with Acrylic Paints. Finding this quite difficult, the thought of mess and the use of a paintbrush doesn't come across as immediately intuitive and fairly difficult.

Starting with some simple experiments with colour mixing and using the brush for shapes.

This felt like it took forever, not knowing what I am doing and trying to be careful with my tools. Being unsure of where to start I looked into watching some videos regarding introduction to acrylic painting. Using that I created these colour wheels which I have been using as reference when it comes to deciding what colours I want to mix.

I've spent time watching videos of acrylic painters to get a feel for the style and methods people use for the medium. This has started to give me an understanding for the quality of the work and often times not nearly as precise as I had initial tried to be.

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