Friday, 3 March 2017

Photoshop Painting 001

Introduction To Photoshop

Started out using Photoshop with some basic painting and experimentation with different brushes.

Master Studies

Recreating great artists work to understand their process, composition, use of colour and value.

I took some of my Master studies to one side and adjusted saturation and hue. This works nicely on my colour studies as increasing the saturating brings out the major differences in the colours while reducing the saturation allows me to see how close I am with value, even whilst the colours may be incorrect.

Still Life

Painting Objects on my Desk. Felt like this didn't go so well. May revisit at a later date.

Timelapse: Master Studies & Still Life


Feel as though my thumbnails could have been better if I did them in photoshop. Something I'll keep in mind. However, doing the pencil thumbnails was nice to take a break from constantly using software.


Film Studies

For this I decided to look into Wreck it Ralph as I felt it tied nicely into the use of colour to create taste with a large portion of the film being set in a candy land. Scrubbing through the film I found a lot of interesting compositions that I'd otherwise not have noticed, especially the use of colour to create drama and mood.

Thumbnail Refinement

Did some refined thumbnails based on some of these smaller thumbnails. Perhaps didn't go as planned as I found myself creating new compositions during this phase. Which is why I should have perhaps done more thumbnails digitally.

Did some gradient mapping to see how it worked. though I am still unhappy with these pieces. They feel flat and uninspired. Not to mention the value range seems a bit uncontrolled.

This is when I started to do more experimentation and thumb nailing. Having a somewhat of a flipflop between paintings I am happy with and ones that just look awful.

Colour Keys

Further using Gradient Maps, I created a number of colour keys and I also saved my gradients to build a small gradient library that I've noticed myself clicking through to see what might work on some of my paintings. Of course, they usually need some minor tweaks.


Colour Keying becomes a lot of fun when applied to paintings I am happy with.

Timelapse: Film Studies and Paintings & Colour Keys

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