Thursday, 23 March 2017

Character Sketches & Renders


I've been doing various sketches of the character to get a feel for the kinds of poses I think she may make, capturing a sense of gesture and personality.


Renders of Poses

I've been doing some further experimentation with posing my rig and I thought I'd also throw in some scenery, lighting, materials as general practice and see how it works with the character.

This render is intended to be part of an illustrative piece. Using Photoshop and compositing to complete the scene. The girl will be walking through the snow. I also used a noise bump map on the body and used separate materials to add different texture to the skin and eyes. Definitely like how this changes the model and may utilize this in a Specular, Diffuse & Bump map for the character. Though main focus currently will be getting the animation done as I can update the character textures at any point before rendering.

Wanted to do something that utilized the IK feet and arm settings in an interesting way. So I created this Spiderman-like pose. Pretty fun. First started with trying to use Hardware renderer and then moved on to Arnold.


And of course. When posting this to Instagram I looked at various filters. Really like some of the effects that I could potentially get from post processing my renders. Will be something to consider when doing my final animation.

Final Poster

With playing with Arnold I had the idea to create a mirror. I put the character in front of the mirror to see how well it works, how it looks etc. it then got me thinking, what would my character do if they were looking in a mirror? So I did some posing.

Sketchfab Preview
Wanted to try SketchFab's animation function so I created an animation and uploaded it to SketchFab to embed here. Baked the animation and exported as FBX, did some final adjustments in the SketchFab settings.

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