Sunday, 8 January 2017

Narrative 004

Story Design

To establish a grounds to fix some of the previous struggles I was having with character design i decided I would start with creating a cast of characters using shape language. I then used this cast to establish relationships between each of the character's their personalities and their motivations.

Doing this also helped boost my confidence in quickly sketching out my storyboards without concern of getting my characters right.

Using this cast I have created a story that is based in space. The three right most characters are a single unit team.
'Tiny Man' - is the muscle, rarely talks, always seems grumpy.
'Spectacles' - is the behind the scenes tactical character that comes across as socially awkward.
'Mr Dude' - this is the guy that drives the plot forward making most of the decisions, good and bad.

'Evil Mr Man' - is the leader of a large organisation and is currently holding Spectacles captive.
'Sekrit' - is a companion of Evil Mr Man, mostly silent, often keeping Evil Mr Man organised as he is incapable himself.
(If my shape language holds up, the characters respective images should be apparent)

Mr Dude and Tiny Man head out to save Spectacles from Evil Mr Man. Without the help of Spectacles their plan will surely fail. As they infiltrate the enemy base, in a manner that is far too easy but they're of course Mr Dude & Tiny Man are far too oblivious to notice, they fall into a trap.
Evil Mr Man enters the scene, laughing maniacally, "You really thought it would be THIS easy?"

The Narrative proceeds to the characters being locked up, re-united with Spectacles who is immensely annoyed at Mr Dude for getting himself and Tiny Man captured. Mr Dude as someone who can't take anything seriously bursts out laughing, Tiny Man grunts, as usual.

Evil Mr Man enters the room with Skrit, revealing his master plan and location of on-board treasure, as Mr Dude points out he revealed important information, Evil Mr .. EMM proceeds to clarify that he is indeed locked up and cannot do anything. Spectacles & Tiny Man look at one another and shrug.
Sekrit reminds EMM of his weekly appointment. As they leave, the cell unlocks, letting Mr Dude, Spectacles and Tiny Man out, Mr Dude has a smug look on his face, Tiny Man & Spectacles seem confused, Mr Dude refuses to explain.

As they proceed to escape they decide to look for the treasure on board the station. Spectacles insists that this is a bad idea, Mr Dude is persuasive and they go anyway. Falling into a second trap. EMM enters the room and gloats, talking about how stupid they are.

Sekrit turns on EMM, turns out shes the brains behind the whole operation and is allies with Mr Dude. Sekrit comes out of her disguise character. Tiny Man & Spectacles seem surprised as to what Mr Dude was capable of, or in fact, that he even had any other friends besides those two. They grab the treasure and leave.

Motivation : Rescuing Friend
Character Development : Secondary Characters gain respect for Mr Dude. Sekrit reveals her true character.


I tried to hold continuity & lead the viewers eye through the scene. There are some area where I feel this is not as strong. I also wanted to further push the size of Tiny Man so I included angles & scenes that really show how small he is. The scene where Mr Dude pats/strokes Tiny Man across the head depicts the carelessness & spontaneity of Mr Dude with Tiny Mans reaction giving a sense of acceptance with a slight sight of "Again" under the impression that he is always mocked.
I also made sure that a Mr Dude lead the scene, which helps show that Tiny Man is more of a sidekick.

Cinematography is quite exciting, though, I feel my weakest spot is the initial story development that needs more work. There's very little progression in the characters attitudes from start to finish.
Tiny Man starts out as a silent character who is predictably silent, also mimicked by his shape language, perhaps through development I could give him some minor lines that catch the other characters by surprise.

Mr Dude is the kind of character who doesn't necessarily speak of his past. in fact, it almost seems non-existent and no one really thinks to ask what he does in his personal time, with the introduction of Sekrit knowing Mr Dude I can either reveal his past or allude further to the type of character he is outside of business hours.

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