Saturday, 7 January 2017

Narrative 003

Story Concept 2

Being that I thought the previous story was too ambitious or was leading to be too long I started another one, bringing the subject down to something simple. I created a story more around day to day life of an individual that would push extremities in their personality and how they feel.

The concept for this story was a woman who struggles socially and is often alone in isolation making a decision to go out of her way to go to an event that she found a poster for. To push the characters isolation, loneliness and workaholic I decided to use a match cut between her office and bedroom to show that both environments seclude the character from the rest of the world.
During the scene where the character turns up at the event I used a strong perspective to show the other characters getting along and the main character pushed into isolation amongst the others. Until of course, they begin to talk to her.

I wouldn't necessarily view this story as awful, but at the time I did. An aspect I struggled with outside of this was developing characters and environments to go with the story. Though I did do some experimentation with shape language.

Each time I created a new idea I would write down other films and short films that resemble similar narratives or concepts. The moral that I was going towards with this story was something along the lines of perception and doing things for yourself because you determine who you are and not other people. I was also considering a moral that would be related to karma and being rewarded for your actions.

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