Friday, 27 January 2017

I'm Back!


As far as I am aware, No.
It's been a while since my last post, had a pretty horrible couple of weeks with almost no energy or motivation to work. Getting back on track now and blog posts will be coming regularly again. I hope.

Animation Principles - is still continuing with weekly exercises, so there will be more of those.

High Noon - is currently still in production, will need some revising but all is good and I'll try and get more posts of that up soon!

Character Modelling - Been given some illustrations of characters to chose from for creating and rigging a character 3D for animation. I've also received confirmation that I can indeed model robbie rotten for this project if I so wish.

Narrative - Creating another storyboard animatic for a 2 minute short film in collaboration with Martha Webby

Visual Research - Started Colour Theory with traditional painting and introduction to digital painting and software.

Legs Project - This project is heavily pre-production developing a story for a short animation about a pair of legs. Will have some posts up soon with the current direction of animation with some Maya animation tests.

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