Friday, 27 January 2017

Animation Production Process 2 001

The highly anticipated sequel to Animation Production Process.

Ideas Generation

My current first thoughts going into this project has been a ghost with legs. Yup.
I've also experimented with different shapes to see what may spring to mind.


One of the reasons I wanted to give this a try was to see how I could potentially utilise nCloth for the animation. Discovered some strange interactions as nCloth often does simple calculations in the viewport but given the chance to calculate in either render of playblast doesn't seem to clip through the object. Of course I'd have to adjust the attributes further to mimic the cloth I wish to use.

Next steps will be developing a story with this character and looking into different stylistic choices. The characters simplistic style allows me to convey personality through either the movement of the character and the style of which I create the character.

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