Saturday, 24 December 2016

Voxel Animation

Voxel Animation
To follow on from the previous post regarding Minecraft and Voxel based designs I decided to look into other Voxel software. I came across MagicaVoxel, fairly easy to use, however, the interface and usage controls are simplified compared to other 3D packages making it slightly confusing to navigate in comparison.

The software has basic animation capabilities, great for frame by frame animation using 3D shapes, however, there is currently no easy way to export each of the frames as animation without exporting each frame individually as an .OBJ.

Basic walk test to see how the software works and feels to animate in. Very similar to pixel sprite animation.

With being able to export the creations as obj files this gives me the ability to potentially create voxel characters and rig them in Maya. I also did some experimentation with creating a scene. Just a simple house on a small scale, but using the tools I can mix different voxel sizes together to give the illusion of detail.

Simple to use, but definitely has the power to create some interesting results. Will be further experimenting with this software in future for small projects.

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