Saturday, 3 December 2016

Visual Research 010

Further Studies.

As mentioned in a previous post I really like the idea of blocking in the silhouette of my drawings broadly. During the life drawing session I had today I decided to make that my main focus. I also tried to represent the lighting values with my strokes of which I would then refine with the outline afterwards. The main difficulty with this was the fact that the highlights often looked as though there was no area to surround.

The quick warm up poses were really quite fun, I did this gestural as opposed to using the before mentioned  method as I had not yet established my goal at this point.


My drawing started out loose and I felt as though I was capturing the shapes I was seeing fairly well. For some reason throughout the rest I was rushing and drawing in a stiff manor and I couldn't understand why. I believe it may be due to a decline in my daily drawing as I've been over thinking how much work needs to be done. I've managed to solve this issue as of posting this update.


As mentioned before I felt as though this was going well regarding the use of blocking in the values before refining the shapes, however, my drawing during that session wasn't quite on par with what I had previously done or liked.

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