Saturday, 3 December 2016

Visual Research 009

No Model - No Problem

Today I both drew one of my colleagues and modelled myself for them too. This was good fun after getting over the nerves of posing, of course. It starts getting everyone comfortable with doing things out of the ordinary. Because we're not well versed in modelling, we kept the poses short, 30 seconds.
Starting with some observational drawing.

I really liked how the hair draped across her shoulders and the hat added a little extra character too.

Depending on the pose, some I started with a skeleton, then built in the flesh while others I viewed as simplified shapes. Some I felt comfortable drawing the silhouette directly.

These next drawings were quite interesting to create as they were from memory. 2 different perspectives of memory. firstly the Memory Pose are from my memory of a pose that I had gotten into for 30 seconds while the Memory poses are from observing my model for 30 seconds.

This pose was really nice, lots of good shapes and gesture to capture. Because it was drawn from memory it doesn't fully resemble the femininity of my model. What I also found interesting is that my model then proceeded to draw the same position from memory after being in the pose for 30 seconds. the perspective of the pose was slightly different as I was looking down but she mentally placed a view on herself likely from her head height. thus looking more face on.


I really like doing quick drawing and these quick memory drawings got me looking at a lot of different aspects. Sometimes I would remember with gesture lines flowing through the body while other times I would analyse shape. Both positive and negative.

Doing sketches based on my own posing was difficult as I had to think of what angle I would view myself from and what position I was in. becoming difficult to get gesture into the pose unless I made up what I think I looked like rather than what I think I actually looked like.

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