Friday, 2 December 2016

Animation Production Process 010

Squirrel Project Beginning

Quite excited to get started on this project, however, I have yet to find a method that I am comfortable with for story development. The best I have so far is creating thumbnails for different shots and building upon them. This is my first draft of ideas. I was pretty happy with the concepts, but with some recent events I've been reconsidering what I want my focus to be.

This image depicts a story that utilise the squirrel character as though it is a race car. I liked this idea and thought it was quite interesting. I wanted to convey speed, action and something flashy. I also tried to tie in some various other aspects of Maya that I have learn't or wish to learn, being physics calculations with both water and toppling cards and the use of different material attributes in the glass bottle. Creating obstacles for the characters to traverse and some interesting action that I could experiment with cinematography.

To create the second squirrel I took the initial model, created a copy, redirected the file-path for the texture. The new texture was then a hue shift on the original to quickly create another character.

Building upon this idea, I created a small test animation to see how it may work to pose the squirrel into that of a car. I used the central controller to vibrate as though the squirrel had an engine. I like this and the controller was rarely used so it worked okay, however, I wasn't too happy with how the model dynamically moved.

I have since strayed away from this concept and started building upon something that will allow me to push character and environment design. Creating a fast pace animation would likely result in the creation of scenes that will only be seen for a short period of time. I'd like to create something more definitive for the character to traverse.

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