Thursday, 8 December 2016

Animation Production 010

Texture Mapping

Pretty simple concept I've been aware through my interest in games development and previous 3D experience. I'll have to practice more with my own application of various maps to get a feel for what is possible. Because of this doing the exercise was pretty simple, giving me some extra time to experiment with rigging and animation.

Colour, Bump & Specular maps. Still amazes me how much can be achieved with just textures. I also noticed the metal rims are aligned with the edges to further push the illusion of depth as it transitions into a new plane. What the class has clarified is how textures are used as a method of transferring information between different software and engines. Mostly with games engines as they don't interpret Maya materials in the same manner.

Also covered using noise generation in Maya to create quick detailed looking materials.
So during this I decided to experiment with the barrels as I had previously been working on using broken meshes for rigging to get an understanding of how weight painting might work. breaking down the overall shapes.

Created general character shape, combined into a single mesh and bound to the rig.
Weighting the bones 100% to their respective parts with the chest being 50/50.

I then started animating a walk. Knowing that IK's existed but I had assumed they were quite complicated, being the reason we did not cover them in classes. I proceeded to animate the legs crudely. barely holding consistent contact with the ground and sliding around a lot. This is also noticeable in my previous walk cycle with Broseph.

At this point I was shown how to use IK's I don't fully remember how it was done, but I do remember it was much quicker and simpler than I had imagined. I'll be further looking into this for my next model when I start LudumDare 37.

I continued to animate the character using the IK's as practice.

Love having the ability to bring life to random objects. May apply this concept to my high noon project. Tried to take into account what I had learned through 2D animation walk cycles and offsetting some of the timing of different body parts. Definitely starting to get more comfortable with natural movement, slowly. Will just need to focus on personality and acting more.In the case of games, how the animation feels to play.

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