Saturday, 3 December 2016

Animation Production 008

Environment Modelling Practice.

Really enjoying learning new tips and tricks to both navigate 3D space and adjusting different components of models.

Holding V for vertex snapping, X for grid snapping. I've also started using shift right click to get quick access to tools. Difficult but if I force myself to use hot keys in the long run my workflow will improve.

Because I knew we would be covering some environment design I quickly built a house before the class started. It would seems I like to model using edge loops and maintaining quads. Which is good, in some situations but I do also like the amount of control you get with each vertex when it comes to low poly.

I created a house using a slightly different method of modelling. Much lower on polygons but I personally feel this gives more control, also making the UV process much less confusing.

I added a some extra details, ground plane, sky-dome light and a mesh light for the front porch.
Here's the rendered version. Excuse the watermark.

I did some minor experimentation with turning off rendering of back faces. this gave me a great insight into how video-game cutout views work and also helps with modelling interiors. I used an Arnold area light for the interior lighting followed by a sky-dome light and a spot light for the silhouette cast by the window.

An aspect that makes this a little strange to look at is when viewing from the side of the window. in games this is often an ignored artefact while if I was looking in from the outside I would have an outer mesh that would hide some of these artefacts.

To further push my modelling skills I'll create a sketch of a house and try and model based upon the design I create.

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