Friday, 16 December 2016

Animation Principles 2 000

Perspective Sphere

This was an interesting exercise regarding perspective and moving through space. Starting with the layout, I created a circle, an overhead view of the movement that the sphere would be taking. This gives me the timing and spacing and slow in/out for the movement, left and right, though this could still apply to different directions depending on how you rotate the ring in space.

Using this I can create a perspective view of the movement by squashing the circle. Though squashing a circle can be difficult. I myself like to visualise the circle as a sphere, drawing a line that wraps around the sphere surface. This allows me to wrap a line around the sphere in any direction which in theory could allow me to use the same layout to create movements around the sphere in different directions. Perhaps I will try an atom using this method.

Using this guide I established the 4 keys. My method for the breakdowns and inbetweens was to use the guide to add a centre dot to where my sphere would be for each frame. The dot will always be central to my sphere, so I am able to take the drawings off the pegs, line up the dots of the frame before and after and easily draw inbetween.

Overall, I think this went well, the spheres aren't perfectly drawn, but I think they're adequate to demonstrate the test. I believe I should have done slightly more exaggeration on the size of the sphere to help the illusion of moving through space,

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