Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Animation Principles 010

Character Walk Legs

I went a little over the 65 frames to bring the character to a stop.

This wasn't so bad though I believe my push off could be a little stronger. Currently looks as though hes peeling his foot from being stuck to the ground.

Character Walk Arms

This is where I further realize the importance of a dope sheet as I found it difficult to sift through my frames to find information. I used coloured pencils to create the arms, practicing drawing more lightly when animating. I often found I was pushing too hard because the light-box makes the lines faint and I've been trying to combat my habit of wanting to see what I am drawing and further push my confidence and intuition in my lines.

Because I brought the character to a stop I then had to animate the arms beyond the 81 frames going to 101 for the follow through. For the final frames beyond 81 I didn't draw the character fully besides where it was needed for the back arm to transition behind the character and during the keys and breakdowns. I believe the animation is readable though for later clean up.

Something I believe I may have made a mistake with is bringing the arms out to their widest points. Instead of bending the elbow to further bring the arc of the hand up I pushed the arm straight and wide. This means that the exaggeration would push the arm to a position that's unnatural and uncomfortable. Bringing the arm inward so that it doesn't go as unnaturally far back then loses some of the exaggeration in the animation. I further notice that the hands follow the arc but the arms don't bend enough to compensate causing some resizing with the length.

Exaggeration on the follow-through of the hands makes them look too floppy. I need to keep in mind subtlety and exaggeration and where should be applied. Though a character with floppy hands is fine, I do not like this trait for the particular test.

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