Saturday, 12 November 2016

Visual Research 006

Observational Proportion Study

This is something that I hadn't realised can be as difficult as it was. To capture the true proportions of the model as opposed to capturing an essence of the pose in gesture. To further improve this study I have been using a framing technique to get object positioning relative to the edge of the frame.

Overall I feel as though I have gotten better at viewing proportional issues in the poses and gotten more consistent at looking for relationships between various aspects and angles of the figure to get their relative size to one another.

I am happy with this as a drawing and I feel it captures the pose, however, based on my positioning this is not proportionally accurate to what I was able to see.

Something I found much easier to practice my proportional study is doing thumbnails, each time I did a thumbnail I could see what I was getting wrong. Each iteration of the pose fixed the issue of the previous. I liked this method of working as often times trying to fix a single image can be difficult if there are multiple mistakes influencing each other.

I can definitely feel my observational skills improving, I just need to keep observing, even while I am not drawing.

Further Studies

I've started attending extra life drawing classes, these are quite helpful and give me extra time to fully focus on longer studies. I quite enjoy doing life studies as there is still so much for me to learn and it can often be immediately evident in my work. Being able objectively see issues in my own work inspires me to fix them.

Images go from short studies to longer studies.

- 30 minute -

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