Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Visual Research 004

Life Studies Workshop
Covering the use of silhouette. I started by using a 6B Graphite stick and then moved onto charcoal, using it on its side for broad strokes.

I really enjoy the method of which I use the charcoal on its side, however, I still don't feel confident in the medium as my stokes feel flaky and light when I try to capture the form by rotating the charcoal throughout the motion.

Furthermore, I took the same premise and applied it to some solid silhouettes and started observing value changes in the figure.


I did not notice until after these drawings that I had forgotten the head. A strange mistake to have made, but this does show that I am focusing on the body prior to adding the head into the image. As often times starting with the head can be a common mistake in some of my other drawings.

I started doing some smaller tests with the charcoal to get a feel for what the medium is capable of and what I am capable of using the medium. I believe these tests gave me a little more insight into how I may use the charcoal, however, the paper in my sketchbook has a different texture to the paper I have been using for the figure drawing classes. This caused the charcoal to work slightly differently than what I expected. I believe I have still learnt enough from these tests to further my studies.

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