Friday, 11 November 2016

Hug Me - Induction Week Project

This is a project that myself, Ioannis, Tharindu and Victor (Kudiwanashe) worked on in our first week of University. The project was a lot of fun and it was good to get to know what some other students were capable of fairly early on in the course. Once the task was set I took it upon myself to make sure everyone stayed organised and that the ideas started flowing. I immediately got out a note book and started getting ideas and contact details sorted as I knew we only had 4 days starting on Monday afternoon to Friday morning to finish the short film.


 We met up each day and planned out what we were going to do. We first had to find a teddy-bear and a lab coat. The lab coat was difficult to find but we managed to borrow one from the printing rooms. Quite the task to complete when you're new kids on the block.

The difficult part was finding somewhere to film, having no idea what facilities are available or whether we could book them and even if we could, we didn't have our student ID's. We found an unused room with a whiteboard and we stuck with it. We created the set using the table and white board that were in the vicinity and adding various books, paper and other objects to the table to make it look used. Ioannis did a great job of acting, I barely knew these people so I was surprised at how much effort went into his acting considering how shy he seemed. He did good capturing the mad scientist vibe and we chose him because he had fairly bony hands which helped enforce the character.

Prior to the filming I created some animation that would be edited into the short film as a cut. Once we had all the footage we spent the time together compiling the footage and adding in edits and cuts to black until we were all happy with the flow of the visuals. I did most of the editing as I was the only one who (sort of) knew how Premiere worked. I mostly learned the software on the go, making various changes to different settings and seeing what would happen. I decided to look into grading the colors of the film to hide some of the amateur nature and help bring out the vibe of the short film. For sound we clicked through a free-sound website and decided together on what sounds we liked and where to put them.

That evening I edited the animation I created to tailor it to the short film and tie it in nicely. Taking the respective frames of the video importing them into Animate CC as reference and then exporting just the animation as transparent and overlaid it onto the video in Premiere.

Final day, I spent it on my own cleaning up the final parts of the short film, creating credits, an ending title and solving some visual artifact issues with the preset pixel transition as it applied a filter to the entire clip that was lower resolution than than the footage and display being used and I had to manually change the settings of each transition. Worth it to get good HD footage, though strange that the preset would affect the entire clip. Finally I added some extra sounds for the credits and called it a day, ready to show the short film on Friday morning.

Here it is, Hug Me, in glorious 4K.
(Its not 4k, I just don't like Youtubes Video Compression for 1080p)

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