Friday, 11 November 2016

Animation Production Process 006

Creating Follow-through Animation

As an introduction to follow-through animation I started animating with a chain in Maya. I found the concepts behind this fairly simple and created a plan for my animation.

Using my plan I created a fairly basic animation of a chain moving from left to right. I also added some minor anticipation to the animation. This wasn't too difficult, however, what I was previously not aware of is how the breakdown pose worked in follow-through. I am now much more confident with follow-through animation.

I was quite happy with how this turned out and didn't need to make any major tweaks to the motion. I then moved on to try something more complex. I presumed it would be equally as simple, but I was completely wrong. I did some further drawing studies to get a further understanding of how follow-through. After some experimentation I came up with "Level of Drag" (LoD) this was a method I developed in my drawings to understand how much drag an object may have to its counterpart.
Black = Follows the object exactly
White = Tries to stay in its previous position.
This allows me to get a wide range of different materials and drag amounts based on how I apply the drag.

Now, to put this into practice.
My first test went poorly, I believe this is due to the lack of smooth motion in the block making it a little more difficult to animate the follow-through. Although the follow-through could be applied to an object moving in any manner, I'd like to keep my attempts simple for now.

Im going to give this animation a second attempt. lets see how that goes!

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