Saturday, 12 November 2016

Animation Production 006

High Noon

Maya camera tests and cinematography research. Before university it wasn't aware of how important films studies would be for animation. I had just assumed animation was its own category, boy was I wrong. I am absolutely loving my new outlook on film and media, looking into the little details of how shots are composed to create deeper meaning in storytelling. Though it is definitely something I need a lot more practice with.

I find the first test easier to read, while the second comes across as more dramatic and punchy. Perhaps a happy medium, will definitely need to practice more with this.

 Throughout some of my current minor storyboard and idea tests I found that I have been learning a lot towards having rain in my animation. This would be fine, however, creating a rain effect in 3D will require a little extra knowledge. I want to make sure I am capable of making rain before going too deep into my story boarding process. I did some research and some minor tests with rain in the current scene I have for the previous test.

Not bad, though I was having some trouble with the density of the rain and the speed of which it falls. I believe this is due to the scale of the scene. The characters are barely a quarter of a meter in size.

Furthermore, Arnold has some limitations with rendering the particles and I had to make some minor changes, a shame really I was hoping to use Arnold to render the animation. Though it is not confirmed whether I will be using rain or not but it is nice to know that I can create it.

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