Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Animation Principles 005

Face Turn Exercise. This wasn't assigned to my class, however, it was assigned to the other class. I was disappointed that they got more to animate. so I decided to do the task as well anyway.

I started looking into face construction to find something I could simplify my animation into.

I did the construction on its own to test the movement

I then added a face onto the construction. The face doesn't move because I was misinformed and thus went and did the test again when I found out more information.

For whatever reason, I rushed this test. I guess I felt over confident after doing the previous one. This goes to show that my planning should persist throughout all my animation, no matter how confident I may feel.

After this awful attempt at animating a head turn. I went back with a fresh mind and started again from the beginning. Planning out the animation first.

I'm not fully happy with this animation, as the movement doesn't seem fluid and the character doesn't fully hold their form as they move, but I believe this is an alright start.

I went in and added a hairstyle with some follow-through. I should however, have done more planning for the hairstyle itself.

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