Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Animation Principles 004

Some delicious traditional 2D animation. I am so excited to finally start 2D animation in its traditional format. The use of timing charts and the well refined techniques for keeping all the frames organised when working in production, truly amazing. The main focus of these animations is to cover the principles of animation, techniques of animation and the art of movement.

The first study we did was learning the basics of timing charts and in-between animation. Morphing basic shapes into one another. This is where I finally got to put the flipping into practice and I really enjoy the process of animating.

This exercise was an introduction to drawing directly in-between 2 drawings to create motion. We also briefly touched on slow-in/out as we started doing more in-betweens.

Taking the same methodologies from this simple study, we can apply them to more complex shapes, such as a face. Such as, we did and created an animation that morphs our face into another persons face. This was a curious experiment as the were often drawn in different styles and some were drastically different from others. What is interesting is that good results often go unnoticed because they are smooth, while poor results stand out pretty well.

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