Saturday, 22 October 2016

Animation Production 004

Character Creation Experiment
After learning more about texturing and UV unwrapping, I now feel much more inspired to start creating characters in Maya. There's just something satisfying about turning an idea into something that appears tangible.

For the purpose of experimentation I started modelling a character without any reference to see where it would take me, I also decided I would use the mirror tool and only model half of the character as I noticed the mirror tool also takes UV maps into account.

I am not overly happy with the model, however, this was mostly an experiment with UV unwrapping and texturing. UV unwrapping probably took longer than it felt, but for whatever reason, I find the process enjoyable. Each model is a new challenging puzzle.

Not the best unwrapping, could probably do some manual adjustments to straighten some of the edges that don't necessarily need to be curved, but doing this caused a little bit of distortion and I thought I would look into it another time.


I ran a subdivide on the model to see how it would look. I then began to worry about how it might affect my UV's, when I looked into my UV's they were all mostly filling the same bounding box and I didn't see this causing any issues. With further experimentation and modelling I am sure I will learn more about what I can and cannot do with my model while the UV's are already done.


While experimenting with the textures themselves I found that I could draw the textures directly from the PSD file which helped a lot with looking back and forth between the model at a fast rate, this was also helped significantly with my second monitor.

Full Character Turnaround Render
Note: Right Clicking the video and hitting Loop makes the sequence easier to watch.

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