Thursday, 20 October 2016

Animation Production 003

UV Unwrapping and Texturing

I am legitimately so happy to have learnt more about this, the whole concept was completely out of my grasp, never had I found a good enough tutorial to full explain what UV Unwrapping was until today. We've learned a number of different methods to break a mesh down into UVs with different projection methods, of which I now feel capable of being able to do my own experimentation with unwrapping, which is impressive since it was only a few hours ago of which I barely understood UV Unwrapping.

I've always had an interest in texturing ever since I started to look at the textures in games, especially World of Warcraft and how they manage to make low poly models look so good with mainly texture work.


Because I did a lot of research trying to figure out UV Unwrapping previously, I found that I already had an understanding of the various aspects of UV Mapping. I was so excited to start texturing I skipped lunch and immediately went and started up Photoshop and Maya for some experimentation.

I can't wait to start UV Unwrapping some of my other models and start modelling new characters and texturing them. I have also found a method to have my textures auto update when the texture file is updated, this is handy to quickly see results of my texture work. I plan to combine this with the PSD Network function to see how it will affect my workflow, which should work nicely with the multiple monitor set up in my office.

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